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Let your bedroom reflect your style. If you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your living space with a modern and elegant feel, then these design tips will help you transform your bedroom into a spectacular master bedroom. Maybe you are the type that embraces Minimalism in every room of your home from sleek white kitchen cabinets to a slate bedroom and neutral-toned living room. Or perhaps you love being bold! And your home looks like a mid-20th-century homage to pop art and Art Deco. Whatever your style, it’s time to create a bedroom that YOU will love! 

When You Love Minimalism!

Do you want to make your bedroom a Minimalist dream? Start with neutral colours like whites, ivory, taupe and other pale hues. These colours create an inviting atmosphere while adding a soft touch of sophistication. If you are the type who chooses white for kitchen cabinets, carpets, walls, sofas, and tiling, you definitely will love creating a Minimalist oasis in your bedroom. Combine different shades together for a unique look. Keep larger furniture pieces in neutral tones and use colourful bedding and throws as bursts of colour to give the room character.

Embrace Unique Textures and Patterns

Patterns and textures make a big impact on design. Choose pieces with unique patterns like stripes, floral prints or checkered designs to give the room fun character. Find velvet, corduroy, and silk to create depth and dimension. Add pillows, rugs, and window treatments with jewel-toned colours and patterns that add visual interest and warmth. Contrast bold colours with sleek contemporary furniture

Multifunctional Storage Solutions

Always include storage solutions in your bedroom design, such as built-in shelves, dressers, and bedtime nightstands. Keep clutter to a minimum while maximizing the space. Think of creative ways to store items out of sight but still within easy access. Add an elegant armoire for extra cozy winter blankets or coat hangers for all those wool scarves! Invest in high-quality furniture that will last you for years. 

Only Choose the Best Quality Bedroom Furniture

You need your master bedroom furniture to be beautiful, durable, and comfortable. Never settle for second best. Always look for high-end design and impeccable artistry. This is furniture you want to last for a long time. Finding the right furniture makes all the difference. Select pieces that fit the scale of the room. Measure rooms carefully before choosing furniture and consider if you want to invest in custom pieces. Soft seating like armchairs or sofas can give your bedroom a luxurious feel. Comfort is always first! 

The Aesthetic Beauty of Gorgeous Accents

Don’t forget plush rugs, curtains and cushions that enhance the bedroom’s colour palette. Add scented candles, throws and cushions in soft fabrics. Coordinate accents with your room’s existing look. Statement rugs create a focal point for the room. Soft pillows add an instant touch of luxury — pile them up on the bed during the colder months for greater comfort! 

When you need high-quality luxury bedroom furniture, look no further than Iconic Living. Our design team will work with you to create an absolutely gorgeous master bedroom. Contact us today!