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Does the term “contemporary furniture” confuse you? If you have ever looked online for furniture, you may have run into words like “modern furniture” and “contemporary.” But what do they mean? Are they interchangeable? Let’s clear up the confusion. While the modern style does apply to many types of contemporary items, there is a difference.   

Contemporary is Now  

Any style or design current is contemporary. Design today looks different from styles popular a decade ago or styles that will be popular in twenty years. Because of that, “contemporary” was once related to modern furniture but now involves designs of today. Sometimes an older style might gain popularity again. You might find vintage styles, traditional furniture, or retro looks labeled “contemporary.” Just remember that if a design experiences popularity today, then you might see it called contemporary.  

What is Modern?  

The modern furniture designs pull heavily from the early and mid-twentieth century. This style differentiates itself from the pre-Industrial Revolution look. With a simple, sleek look, straight lines, and neutral patterns, the modern style borrows heavily from the art of the 20th century. Geometric patterns play a role in modern design, as well as clean silhouettes.   

Modern pieces use natural materials like leather, linen, and wool. Polished metal, plastic, and other synthetic materials may be paired up with natural upholstery. The most popular styles grew out of the 1950s and 1960s. Popular couch styles have angular details, straight edges and lines, and square shapes. The pieces have little ornamentation.  

The aesthetic has both functionality and a distinct artistic touch. Today metal features may have aluminum, stainless steel, or even nickel. Lighting fixtures accent the creative touch and may have several shades in contrasting colors.   

Functionality and Style 

Whether you choose contemporary designs or modern styles, both prioritize functionality and beautiful luxurious aesthetics. Contemporary designs have a broad selection of hidden storage, sleek functionality, and niches that fit within any home. Kitchen units especially have impressive multifunctionality and practicality.   

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