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Have an unused corner of your room that you’ve been dying to transform? Why not put in an accent chair?
What is an accent chair? An accent chair can provide extra seating while also adding a pop of color or new style to an existing room.
Confused? We’re here to help! Here’s our style guide to accent chairs.

Types of Accent Chairs

Not all accent chairs are created equally. So, what are the categories?

Club Chair

A club chair is a roomy chair with deep seats. This comfortable chair is ideal for reading books or taking an afternoon nap. They often have leather upholstery and nail-head trim.
Looking to craft the perfect club chair? Our Pippa chair is the perfect choice for you.

Slipper Chair

A slipper chair has no arms and sits much closer to the ground than you may be accustomed to seeing. If you have someone in your home that’s petite, this accent chair is a no-brainer.
They’re also fairly popular in bedrooms because the position is helpful for “slipping” on shoes (hence the name). They also fit in any location where there’s tight space or for providing an open feeling to a room. Consider our Atwood chair for your slipper chair needs.

Wing ( or Wingback ) Chair

A wing chair has winged sides and a tall back. Its original purpose was to block cold drafts or to protect you from the heat when seated next to a fire.
They’re particularly helpful in balancing large sofas or sectionals. They can also be placed in the corner to create a little reading area. Or use them at the end of a dining table to provide a royal place for your head of the table. Our Dante chair is the perfect wingback chair.

Tub ( or Barrel ) Chair

A tub chair (or barrel chair) is a low chair with a curved back and low profile. The soft curves make it great for the bedroom or living room. Consider purchasing our Scoop chair for a beautiful and reliable tub chair for your room.

Swivel Chair

A swivel chair lets you spin around in comfort. It’s great for an open room, allowing you to change your position without needing to get up. Or you can use a swivel chair to make a small space more versatile. We offer a variety of custom made swivel chairs in different styles.

Statement Chair

A statement chair makes a statement in your room by standing out from the rest of the furniture. That can be through the silhouette, color, or size of the chair. Thanks to our chair customization options, any chair we make can be crafted to your ideal color and texture. That way you can create the perfect statement chair for any room!

When to Use an Accent Chair

Now that we know what is an accent chair and the different categories, we can continue on to discuss function. An accent chair can be used for the perfect little retreat for any room. Or use it as a welcoming area in the room. After all, a chair at the entrance both feels welcoming and provides an area where your guests can remove their shoes. Using a statement chair is perfect for adding something into a room that’s lacking personality or color. Or you can use an accent chair to turn an awkward corner into a cozy reading nook.

What is an Accent Chair: Now You Know!

So, what is an accent chair? Now you know all there is to know about different types of accent chairs and their purposes.
Interested in buying a custom-made accent chair for your home? At Iconic Furniture, we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation and order your dream chair today!