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What do we expect from our homes in the future? What will they look like? We have seen many changes in the way people live over the past few years. From innovative bedroom remodel ideas to smart kitchens, there are more and more innovations in the field of interior design. Some of these include the use of natural materials, a return to minimalism, and an emphasis on comfort. Discover some of the most interesting trends in contemporary home design for next year. 

Innovative Space Planning for a Minimalist Master Bedroom

Cutting-edge home design has been around for a decade, but there are many new trends that are emerging. Many homeowners are familiar with an open-concept design in the kitchen or living room. Space is one of the most important aspects of any room, and homeowners today are applying those open concepts to bedroom remodel ideas. 

A crowded master bedroom with no space to move around can feel claustrophobic. Conversely, an expansive and plain bedroom with lots of space to move around can seem empty and boring. Finding ways to incorporate minimalist bedroom remodel ideas with geometric contemporary bedframes, carefully chosen accent pieces, a comfortable high-end memory foam mattress, and unique artisan lighting creates a bedroom space that is both homey and luxurious. 

Bold Retro Colour in the Living Room

Imagine your living room with splashes of jewel-toned emerald greens and magenta. Today’s homeowners embrace the use of bold colours and truly unique patterns in the living room. Colour has been used as an element of interior design since ancient times. Modern designers explore new ways to incorporate bright bold colours into spaces. 

One trend is to use bright to highlight certain elements of the living room like gorgeous original wall art or a unique furniture piece. Draw attention to those elements and create a sense of unity. Add adorable accent pillows that contrast sharply with your sofa. Throw a luxurious accent rug on the floor for another element of style. 

Become a Fine Art Connoisseur 

No matter the room, no home is complete without exquisite original art pieces. Whether you hand a series of unique watercolour vignettes in your hallway, hang a large Modernist geometric painting in your living room, or add pre-Columbian pottery to the kitchen, find ways to express your unique style. Purchase pieces that compliment your home. 

Besides wall art, monochromatic photography, or pottery, consider using light as art. Light plays an essential role in our lives. It affects us psychologically, physically, and emotionally. There are so many unique ways to incorporate light as art in your home. From smart lighting that sets the mood via beautiful colour palettes to truly exquisite chandeliers that make a bold statement, find the right way to incorporate light and aesthetic beauty into your home. 

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