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Have you been looking for a way to spruce up your dining room in 2023? With just a few easy changes, you can have an elegant and inviting space for entertaining. Believe it or not just a few modifications like better lighting, the perfect dining room table, or being innovative with colour can make your dining room look like pure luxury. Try these upgrade ideas for dining furniture and decor to create a stylish elegant space.

Choose a Focal Point for Your Dining Area

In good home design, it’s essential to have a focal point. This could include the gorgeous dining table itself, a statement lighting piece or unique wall art. A strong focal point creates a strong foundation and introduces innovative dining room furniture ideas. For example, complement a contemporary 20th-century art piece with eclectic angular dining chairs and a custom chandelier for a bold statement. Replace a scratched dining room table with a gorgeous contemporary piece. A contemporary dining room table can truly become the centrepiece of your dining room and a wonderful place to make new memories with friends and families. 

Let The Colours and Textures Flow

Once you decide on a focal point, the rest of your furnishings can flow around it. Add bold colours and textures that complement each other to create a visually pleasing atmosphere. Accessorize with plants or flowers in modern vases for pop. Experiment with warm-toned light sources for a cozy yet elegant ambiance. Add a contemporary artisan rug to ground the space. Bring everything together with careful curation. Your dining room will be transformed into a stylish yet inviting space ready for dinner parties in 2023!

Go Bold With Custom Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in setting a peaceful yet luxurious tone. Choose from luxury wall sconces, abstract chandeliers, or smart ceiling lighting. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Opt for a stunning chandelier with multiple tiers of downlights to bring brightness and drama. Simple ceiling-mounted adjustable lights are perfect for indirect light. Ask our talented design team about our extensive dining room options

Add Stunning Wall Art

Original global art pieces, three-dimensional mosaics, woodwork,  and monochromatic large-scale photography are just some of the artist wall art trends that will transform your home. Even in a more Minimalist room, a stunning piece of art will become a conversational piece that will truly awe. 

Always Opt for Energy-Efficiency

Here’s a dining upgrade that will save you money! Look for fixtures with lower wattage or dimming controls. Smart home systems give you options to program specific lighting controls to both save money and create a gorgeous ambiance. Warm lights will create a cozy atmosphere for guests and family. Set cool tones for a holiday party or dimmed lighting for a romantic dinner for two. 

When you want the best dining room design, look no further than Iconic Living. We would love to meet with you and help you transform your home. Call us today for your free consultation. Our friendly staff will be happy to chat with you.