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As you style your home, you will be looking for ways to make your interior design appear unique and to ensure that the colors, patterns, shapes and furniture designs match your own unique style sense. At first glance, you may think that a sofa or sectional is an easy choice, but a quick trip to your local furniture store or a brief scroll through a few furniture websites will show you that this is simply not the case. Start your quest for your next sofa or sectional here, and discover what shape, size and style ideally suit your own tastes.


If you have a smaller space, a loveseat may be the way to go. This smaller sofa usually has only one or two cushions and creates the ideal space where two people can sit at a time. Although this sofa is not long enough for you to stretch out on at night, it does give you more room for curling up on than an armchair does.

Sectional Sofa

The sectional sofa or modular sofa has been popular for the past few decades but has been given a more modern twist recently. Today’s sectional comes in many different shapes and sizes and can often be reshaped through its easily moved modular pieces.


The futon is the sofa of the dorm-room, typically cheap to purchase and ideal for using as a second bed. Futons have simple, straight lines along with removable, mattress-like cushions placed on basic metal springs.

Sleeper Sofa

Although the sectional is large enough for a comfortable night’s rest, a sleeper sofa may be your better bet if you plan on having regular overnight guests. During the day, these heavy sofas look just like their traditional counterparts, but at night, the cushions can be removed to reveal a pull-out bed with a double-size mattress.

English Roll Arm Sofa

The English roll arm is the most traditional sofa or sectional style with gently rounded arms and comfortable cushions. However, the bottom cushions cannot be removed. A similar style is the Lawson sofa, which features removable cushions.

Camelback Sofa

One of the most traditional sofa styles is the camelback, which has a gently rounded back reminiscent of a camel’s hump. Some of these sofas even have two or three humps.

Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofas are mainly known for their highly upholstered and tufted looks. This couch or sectional could be made from fabric or velvet but is often made from leather, creating a warm, cozy look.

This quick guide will give you a starting point as you decide which style of sofa or sectional is right for you. Of course, there are many other types that you may see, such as settees, armless sofas, Belgian roll arm sofas, boxy tuxedo sofas and numerous others. Visit the Iconic Furniture store location to talk to one of our furniture design experts so you can explore how we can design custom sofas and other custom furniture at affordable prices. Why go bland when you can go custom at Iconic Furniture.