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While pressboard furniture and laminate-covered tables are easy to find and cheap to purchase, they just do not have the lasting value of a solid wood table. Although solid wood pieces are certainly major investments, they pay for themselves over the years as you enjoy their beauty and strength. However, the only way to keep a solid wood table looking great is to care for it carefully and regularly.

Daily Care of Your Wood Table

Daily care of your wooden dining table or coffee table should not require much effort on your part. You will mainly want to be thoughtful about where you place your wood piece in your home and what you place on it. Because solid wood is a natural material, it easily expands and contracts in different climates. When the air in your home is dry and hot, your table could contract, causing small cracks to appear. On the other hand, when your home is very humid, the wood could visibly expand. You may want to use a humidifier during the dry months and a dehumidifier during moister months to keep your home’s humidity between 40 to 45 percent.

In addition, be sure to keep your wood furniture out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents, furnaces and fireplaces. Use coasters religiously on your coffee table, and wipe up spills on your dining table immediately.

Weekly Care of Your Wood Table

You will definitely want to dust your table on a weekly basis. Use a simple feather duster or a duster that uses static electricity to attract dust that could otherwise harm your table’s finish. In fact, over time, dust can create a white film on your table or even scratch the surface.

Monthly Care of Your Wood Table

Depending on the finish on your wood table, you may need to apply a soft liquid or paste wax regularly. These waxes protect the piece by creating a slippery layer that resists scratches. Be sure to apply the wax in a thin layer, buffing it in a circular motion after it has dried. Your dining table or coffee table will have a beautifully shiny finish once again after this process.

Emergency Care for Your Wood Table

Despite your best intentions, your wood table may develop rings, get nicked or show unwanted marks from paints and solvents. Some of these issues can be corrected if you work quickly. For example, water rings are often only marks in the wax and can be removed with some mayonnaise or toothpaste. Nicks and scratches can usually be filled in with a special furniture varnish pen, and fresh paint can sometimes be peeled up slowly once it dries.

Of course, every table is a bit different because of the unique properties of its wood type and the way it was finished. To get the best tips and tricks for caring for your wood dining table or coffee table, be sure to ask for some suggestions when speaking to someone about tables and their different wood variations.