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Your master bedroom is your oasis. It should be a room of relaxation and comfort – a room that brings you much-needed joy and rest after a long, long busy day with work and family. Dreaming about remodeling your master bedroom? It’s time to create the perfect master bedroom complete with gorgeous bedroom furniture sets, an open master suite plan and amenities like a cozy fireplace. Here are the top trends for master bedrooms this year. We hope that they inspire you!

The Open Concept Plan

You don’t want a cluttered and depressing master bedroom filled with old furniture, clunky accents, and drab lighting. Open up your bedroom. The first step – bring in natural light! Accomplish this by removing any dark curtains and replacing them with sheer window coverings. Add custom lighting. Replace old traditional furniture with streamlined bedroom furniture sets with sleek contemporary design. Newer designs have both functionality and a clean aesthetic. Consider opening up a wall or rethinking your doors. Learn how to breathe easier with an open concept space. 

Custom Walk-In Closets

Today homeowners need space for their clothes, work, and dressing in the morning. Modern walk-in closets accomplish all of these. Open up your space with a spacious walk-in closet. Install custom shelving, racks, and organization systems to keep your clothing, accessories, and personal items conveniently placed. Many closets today include full dressing rooms. Ask your home designer about options like custom mirrors, custom lighting, and installing dressing stations. 

Seating Areas and Work Stations

Many homeowners today enjoy having a small sitting area in their master bedroom. A small desk for light home office work or a loveseat for reading are popular choices this year. Find sleek contemporary furniture that complements your personal lifestyle and aesthetic. You can even create a small workstation in your master bedroom for quiet writing and light work. Consider adding a stylish desk or elegant couch to your master bedroom.

A Warm Fireplace

Add the perfect comfort to your master bedroom with a beautiful fireplace. Get cozy by the warmth during those biting winter months. A fireplace not only provides warmth and comfort, but it also gives additional romance and charm to your room. Speak with your home remodeler about installing a beautiful fireplace in your master bedroom. You deserve the best and a comfortable space to rest and rejuvenate at the end of the day. Consider installing a fireplace. 

When you want to upgrade your master bedroom, consider contacting our excellent designers at Iconic Living. We promise to find you the furniture and accents you need to truly modernize your bedroom. You want the best for your home. We proudly provide a luxurious top-quality collection of bedroom furniture. Our seasoned staff has helped hundreds of homeowners find the ideal furniture to meet their unique aesthetics and personal lifestyle. We promise to find the perfect furniture solutions for you. Contact us today for your consultation. We would be happy to help you.