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How it works

Vänt Combines expert craftsmanship and sophisticated style to create a look that’s simple to achieve. Our frame is made up of 4 sturdy panels which are latched together with an aluminum pin at each inner corner. Perfectly spaced slats upholstered in non-woven material are then rolled out covering the frame like a mat. Now the mattress is placed on top of the slats and voila! Sleep well!.

Your Mattress Is All You Need

It’s time to trash those box springs. Just place your mattress on top of the slats and float into dreamland.

Iconic Platform Beds

Embedded in luxury and vogue design. Our platform beds provide excellent support under any mattress and can be assembled in minutes.

Complete the look

Our upholstered Wall Panels compliment Vant Platform Beds to complete the designer bedroom look.

Superior Construction

Engineered with solid wood. VANT platform beds have been rigorously tested for durability.

Attention To Detail

Crafted with aluminium to create a sleek and attractive aesthetic.

Perfectly Spaced Slats

For ultimate support, we devised perfectly spaced slats upholstered in non-woven material so it easily covers the frame like a mat.

Secure Support System

Our panels and support beams are crafted from solid wood. Strategically assembled to serve as a durable back-bone for your platform bed.

Luxurious Finishes

Choose between our 6 high-quality finishes, ranging from supple leather to lush velvet’s, and 30 designer colours.


Luxury Made Affordable