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This year discover exciting modern contemporary design. Whether you need to remodel your living room or want to redesign your kitchen space, trust your professional home remodel company to create the perfect modern designs for your needs. So how are homeowners applying modern interior design to their homes this year? 

What is Contemporary Design in 2023?

Contemporary design focuses on the hottest trends and styles. Each year the top designs change, often based on popular trends in culture and lifestyle. The pandemic has brought many families into their homes, leading to a trend in multifunctional living spaces and multipurpose furniture. Additionally, homeowners have decided to bring nature into their homes, as well as technology. For example, a home remodel company may incorporate textures, organic shapes and earthy materials or install smart appliances to upgrade your home. So what are this year’s top trends? Let’s find out!

Bring Nature into Your Home

With the pandemic, many families found themselves spending a considerable amount of time indoors. Many workers have left the office permanently, setting up a home office instead. This year interiors will be all about bringing nature into your home. Focus on recreating an open, organic home space that is less cluttered and more comfortable. 

Soft, muted colours, including yellows and blues, will also be in style to help create a sense of calm in the home. Technology will also play a major role in interior design, with cutting-edge appliances and tech-enabled furniture becoming more commonplace.

Living room interiors will feature a contemporary approach, combining traditional elements’ warmth with clean, modern lines. Natural woods, textured accents, and interesting patterns are all trending. Bringing the outdoors in by adding plants and greenery is also popular. Colourful rugs and furniture pieces will serve as statement pieces throughout the space.

Add Cutting Edge Technology Into Your Design

Think clean lines, open floor plans, lighter colour palettes, and natural materials. There’s also a focus on incorporating technology into home decor, from voice-activated lighting to smart appliances. Comfort is also key, such soft furnishings like cushions and throws are still important. The overall look should be cohesive yet relaxed.

Interior lighting design is about mixing modern trends with innovation. LED light fixtures are still popular, but this year they’re being combined with technology like motion sensors, smart devices and connected home systems to create stylish lighting setups that are also energy efficient and easy to use. Natural materials and finishes will also be popular as people look to blur the lines between nature and their interiors.

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