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Spend on Style & Save Money in 2018

It’s hard to imagine “luxury” and “affordability” in the same thought, let alone affirm it as a pre-requisite for furniture shopping. Today’s trendsetting styles and designs are exquisite, chic and often synonymous with spending big bucks. But that’s not the case at a store like ICONIC FURNITURE.

While designer showrooms, exquisite displays and upscale boutique furniture stores look great, the average consumer seeks luxurious appeal and affordable style, without the shi-shi ambiance of untouchable environments and high price tags. While furniture manufacturers are producing more streamlined, stylish and trendsetting pieces, shoppers are seeking the right look at the best price. It’s prudent for consumers to think: “I’m not stepping into that store. Gorgeous furniture at prices I can’t afford!” On the contrary at ICONIC FURNITURE. Every piece is affordably priced. The showroom has variety. The staff is there to assist only upon request. And the selection is urban, trendy, modern and functional…with a luxurious appeal.

Historically, luxury furniture was only seen in affluent homes including royal palaces, aristocratic mansions and high society abodes. Today, the concept of “affordable luxury” provides consumers with a unique opportunity to give their homes that same Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous look but at exceptionally affordable prices. Thanks to a shift in furniture manufacturing, once untouchable, high-priced items are now making a comeback in a less expensive fashion. This shift has limited the consumer need to search for those same pieces, at traditional high-end home décor shops, and opened the door to stores like ICONIC. Quality has not been compromised. Visual appeal has increased. Pricing has stabilized. And furniture retailers like ICONIC are seeing an influx of shoppers focused on custom-made pieces, chic styles, durable fabrics and trendsetting designs.

So if you’re looking for affordable luxury, ICONIC FURNITURE offers stylish designs founded on 5 principles:

  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Durability
  • Sustainability
  • Originality