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Your dining room remains a very special space – the place where families gather for the holidays and special events. Entertain friends or host elegant dinners for prospective clients. Celebrate an engagement party or your child’s birthday. The dining room holds many memories for you and your family. You want to design a space that has a timeless elegance and warm comfort. Let’s explore some of the top formal dining room trends this year.  

Custom Luxury Lighting 

One of the simplest ways to upgrade your dining room is custom luxury lighting design. Replace old sconces and outdated lighting with gorgeous recessed lighting and artisan fixtures. Discover some of our gorgeous lighting fixtures from our impressive exclusive collection like Alexandria pendant lights and the eclectic Corrine pendant lamp. Contemporary lighting makes a unique bold statement in your dining room. Bring both brightness and exquisite taste to the space.  

Illuminating the dining room with smart lighting remains one of the top formal dining room trends. Smart lighting includes fixtures with dimmers connected to smart devices and track lighting that changes colours. For homes with young children or elderly family members, security lighting provides extra safety to avoid falls at night. Dimmers add extra options for custom lighting.  

Eclectic Mismatched Dining Room Chairs 

Experiment with mismatched dining room chairs. Create a more whimsical and fun feel by trying different styles of chairs that share a unifying element like colour or style. Choose seating with unique artisan details and choose similar materials to give cohesiveness to the quirky. Make sure the dining room chairs match your overall décor and give comfortable seating to guests. If you aren’t sure about how to best update the dining room, contact Iconic Living. Our design team will help you find the right chair designs that fit your home décor and family needs. 

The Elegant Dining Room Table 

The dining room table itself remains the most timeless feature of the space. While you want to make a bold statement in the dining room with gorgeous wall art, unique seating, or custom lighting fixtures, keep the dining room table simple and elegant. Why? You might change other pieces every few years, but the table will last for a decade or more. Because of this, select a style that can remain neutral no matter the changing trends of the year.  

Find the right materials for your dining room table. Choose from a wide variety of natural materials like stone, glass, or classic wood. Focus on durability, functionality, and construction quality. You want a piece that will last decades and will grow with your changing needs over time. Iconic Living has one of the largest collections of contemporary elegant dining room tables in the region. Find the perfect furniture for your luxury dining room in our collections.  

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