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Is it tacky to have mismatched dining room furniture? This is an honest question. Well, if you are like anyone else, you have wondered how to make your dining room look modern and chic without spending a fortune. And believe it or not, one of the top trending modern dining room ideas for 2022 is mixing and matching! Maybe because everyone has spent so much time at home looking at the same rooms for two years, homeowners today have been going bold, dramatic, and quirky with their dining room design. 

Start with the Chairs

If you want to update a drab dining room with a fun mismatched look, start small. Start with the chairs. Mixing and matching chair styles sit at the top of modern dining room ideas. Even if you purchase a brand new dining set, experiment with the styles. Want to keep it from looking too quirky? Unify the chairs with colour, materials, and patterns. For example, select all black chairs, but try different styles. Ask your designer about what styles work best with your lifestyle and home decor. 

What About my Sideboard? 

Should your sideboard or buffet match your dining room table? Generally, you want to compliment your sideboard with your dining room table. However, you can try a truly eclectic look by selecting a sideboard that contrasts sharply with your dining room. Another option? Keep your sideboard and dining room similar in material and style, then add exquisite decoratives to the sideboard. 

Add Custom Lighting

If you want to add more pizazz to your dining room, install a custom chandelier. There are so many gorgeous lighting fixtures that can become conversation pieces. Finding the right piece for your dining room can be a challenge. Speak with one of our designers about complimenting your dining room with gorgeous artistic lights. Consider smart lighting to truly set your dining room apart. 

Mixing Textures

Most of the time homeowners consider mixing colours or furniture styles. Don’t forget texture. For example, try different materials like acrylic and wood, or wicker with a lacquered dining room table. Coordinate the different textures for a unique modern look. Contemporary designers have been playing with texture for decades. It’s your turn to express yourself. 

Wall Art

Don’t forget to integrate wall art into your home design. Your choice of photographs or paintings can tie together the entire motif. Complement the colours in your dining room with art. Some homeowners enjoy adding floor-to-ceiling pieces that add drama and excitement to the room. Consider how to truly transform your space with visual excitement. 

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