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With the world still reeling from a pandemic, expect that homeowners will continue to embrace versatility and convert spaces. Today’s top trending signature designs cover everything from custom home office nooks to custom lighting for the home. Convertible luxury furniture, comfort, and practical functionality all remain popular into 2022. Let’s walk through some of the exciting signature design trends for furniture this winter. 

Multifunctional Design 

With millions of us stuck in our homes more and more, learning how to transform our spaces with versatile signature designs has gained popularity. What are some common options? Use custom luxury lighting for transforming home office nooks to entertainment spaces at night. You will be surprised at our impressive collection of lighting for the home. De-clutter the home with hidden storage options in modern ottomans and drawers.  

Talk with our Iconic Living Design Team about what types of convertible furniture options we have for 2022. Our seasoned team will be happy to help you transform any space into a beautiful functional haven. 

Organic Natural Beauty 

Trends towards stark industrial designs and Maximalism have turned back to creating a gorgeous natural oasis in the home. Explore these luxury trends:  

  • Natural wooden finishes  
  • Ergonomic sofas and chair options 
  • Stone textures 
  • Accent pieces and artwork reminiscent of the beach or the mountains 
  • Cool blues and light greens for calm 
  • Custom luxury lighting 
  • Lush carpets and plush furniture for ultimate comfort 
  • Different natural materials 
  • Lush foliage 
  • Ceramic accent pieces 

Convert a living room, bedroom, or even bathroom into a beautiful place of nature and minimalist beauty. Embrace neutral tones with touches of pastels from florals and spring.  

Scandinavian Simplicity 

In 2022 homeowners will embrace the simplicity of Scandinavian design. Choose basic geometric patterns, natural organic finishes, and a basic color palette. Add gorgeous sculptures from Norse mythology and select minimalist furniture. Our design team at Iconic Living has an exclusive furniture collection ideal for the homeowner that wants to embrace the awe-inspiring beauty of Scandinavia. 

Choose from our custom selection of exciting exclusive signature furniture:  

  • Accent chairs and bar stools 
  • Comfortable contemporary sectionals 
  • Versatile benches and ottomans 
  • Coffee table accents 
  • Luxury dining tables in multiple finishes 
  • Sideboards 
  • Exclusive home office furniture options 
  • Gorgeous dressers and chests 

Iconic Living is located in Oakville. Our talented design team would love to help you find the perfect furniture for your unique lifestyle. We value the safety and health of each of our clients. We welcome both walk-ins and appointments. Call us today. Discover the perfect furniture. Transform your space into the dream home you deserve.