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We all know a well-known DIY store that built an empire based on manufacturing cookie-cutter furniture. Self-assembled, functional and minimalist in design, the company draws attraction indeed. Affordability and simplicity of those template pieces reinforces that attraction.

But custom-made furniture offers design-savvy consumers a little more involvement than working an Allen key. Artistic expression, creative freedom and design indulgence provides consumers with an opportunity to get exactly what they desire, without compromising on various features.

Fully-customized pieces give décor enthusiasts the ability to still follow trends while combining personal tastes within a defined budget. Other advantages to buying custom-made furniture:

  1. Quality production: Choosing the materials, fabrics and maker gives consumers a hands-on opportunity to be selective on the value & workmanship.
  2. Customized for your preferences: Choosing the size, colour and style provides a sense of fulfillment even before the final product is complete.
  3. By-pass global supply chains: Avoiding mass production of a product allows consumers to create a personalized décor that is unique to their tastes and preferences.
  4. Build an emotional connection: Consumers can relate to a customized item, knowing the piece has been carefully crafted with a personal touch and a meaningful design.

ICONIC FUNITURE specializes in custom, modern, Canadian-made furniture to help you make a statement at an affordable price. Pieces are designed to your specifications. www.iconicliving.ca