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When the fall comes we want to showcase the season with beautiful autumn textures and colours. Bring the warmth and beauty of the season to your home with these top trending ideas. Whether you are planning a whole home remodel this fall or just want to spruce up your space for the season, follow some of these top trending design ideas for this fall. 

Go Natural

One of the easiest ways to bring fall into your home is to include numerous natural elements. This can be as simple as adding tasteful fall foliage and furniture in natural woods into your home or adding a patterned area rug. If your home remodel includes the living room, consider making the space a cozy place to enjoy the fall and winter seasons. Consider gorgeous fall accents and wall art that showcases modern forest landscapes and open beam ceilings. Installing natural wood floors will help tie together the aesthetic. 

Open Up Your Living Room

Many homeowners find that their living room becomes filled with hand-me-down furniture and older traditional mismatched pieces. Fall is a great time to overhaul your living room furniture with new contemporary multifunctional pieces. Today’s elegant designs combine sleek lines with functionality. Declutter your home by removing outdated and broken furniture. Clear out the room and see it with new eyes. 

What is the primary purpose of your living room? To watch sports and relax? To study and read? To meet with company? Reimagine your living room. Open up the space. Only add pieces that you need, not ones that others gave you. Add accents, and paint the walls brighter. Let in natural light and add mirrors to give the illusion of spaciousness. Your living room is the heart of your home. Make it the space you need with the comfort you deserve. 

Embrace Autumn Colours

During the fall months, the world seems to become a lush garden of scarlet, orange, and yellow. Add bold accent pieces, gorgeous fall-themed contemporary wall art pieces, and throw pillows in autumn colours. Avoid the cheap decorations at the stores. Instead, add tasteful original art pieces from local artisans. Or if you are creative, take the time to create natural centrepieces from organic items. Replace window coverings, area rugs, and furniture with pieces that bring in warmth and coziness for both autumn and winter. Don’t forget to decorate your fireplace mantel. Enjoy all that is fall. Bring the beauty of the season into your home. 

Spoil the Senses

Finally, the last perfect touch to revamping your living room for this fall season – spoil your senses. Add scented candles and apple scented potpourri to your space. Let the smells of baked goods, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon greet guests. Spoil family and friends with a fresh tray of pumpkin spice squares or add fresh cider to your beverage station. Add a lush carpet to warm the feet. 

When you want to update your living room with the latest in contemporary design, call the design team at Iconic Living. We proudly offer high-quality contemporary furniture and an exclusive luxury collection perfect for every home and budget. Contact us today.