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Reimagine your bedroom space. You want a place where you not only relax but thrive. Many homeowners find that their bedrooms have a cluttered, messy look. Clutter causes additional stress. Poor lighting, old broken furniture, and a mish-mash design can make an otherwise calming space a room that’s disgustingly disappointing. Think about what pieces would help transform your master bedroom into the space you always wanted. Do you need a modern customized king-sized bed with hidden storage to hide the clutter? Maybe eclectic matching nightstands or a comfortable love seat will give your room the modern touch it needs? Read on to find out other ways to truly reimagine your master bedroom in 2022.  

Start with the Bed 

No other piece matters if you do not love your bed. You want a bed that matches your lifestyle and individual taste. Bold or elegant, brightly colored or Minimalist – you want a bed where you can lie down and stretch out at the end of the day. Many homeowners with smaller urban living areas find that a bed with drawers for storage can hide the clutter. And don’t forget to splurge on the bed frame and mattress. You want a frame that will last for decades and a mattress that cradles your body. You want a restful sleep each night in a bed that you love. Iconic Living has an exclusive selection of high-quality beds customized to your needs. Speak with our design team about our expansive options.  

Lighting and More Lighting 

While you might think that a bedroom should not have much lighting, the exact opposite is true! Your master bedroom should have more than adequate lighting but also bathe you in darkness at night. Replacing your current outdated lighting fixtures doesn’t take much work. Replace them with contemporary lighting with smart technology. Make the most of your space. Enjoy the aesthetic beauty of artistic custom lighting design.  

Rethink Color 

Unlike other rooms in your home, your master bedroom needs a calming, natural feel. Achieve this with nature-inspired hues and neutral tones. Some homeowners have embraced natural earthy tones and warmer neutrals. However, you can also embrace cooler shades like pale blue for a soothing style. Coordinate your new modern furniture, flooring, and accent pieces with the new tones.  

Avoid super dark tones that might make your bedroom depressing. You want your bedroom to life your spirit, to bring you an elegance that brings serene calm. Speak with our professional design team about how you can transform the overall color palette in your bedroom with customized pieces and cutting-edge design.  

Partner with Iconic Living 

When you want to metamorphosize your master bedroom, contact the talented design team at Iconic Living. We pride ourselves on being Canada’s leading home design team. We provide an exclusive collection of customized furniture and designs. No matter your lifestyle, or your budget, we guarantee to help you transform your bedroom into a comforting and gorgeous space. Contact us today for your initial consult. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you.