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This year promises to have the most exciting design trends we have seen in a long time. Today’s modern luxury interior design concepts range from bold Maximalism to a vintage revival. Get ready to explore what 2022 has to offer! 

Mystery Abounds with Deep Tones 

After years of neutral tones and off-whites, it’s time to try something new. Opt for moody mysterious colours like midnight blue or pewter for your home. Your luxury living room furniture or wallpaper can evoke a sense of mystery and excitement. Embrace the deeper tones of modern luxury interior design concepts.  

Go Dramatic 

Experiment with colour, patterns, and contemporary furniture designs. Go bold and dramatic. Leave behind the mundane minimalism of the past. Instead, explore your soul, evoke uniqueness.  


Embrace sustainability in your living room. Reflect your values with choice of materials and manufacturing. Speak with our Iconic Living team about how you can incorporate natural finishes and materials in your home. Enjoy the warmth of nature. Add lightness and beauty.  

1970s Vintage 

Mid-century modern furniture styles remain popular in 2022. Think peg legs, fuzzy carpets, textured fabrics, and unique contemporary styles. Round out the silhouette of your living room. Choose furniture styles that evoke retro. 

Foliage and Natural Light 

With so many of us stuck inside our homes and unable to vacation, many homeowners will be bringing the outdoors into their rooms. There are a number of ways to do this like choosing natural materials and tones. Bring in colours like sea green, sunflower, or sky blue. Incorporate foliage into your home. Add natural lightings and mirrors to lighten up the space. Avoid dark nooks and crannies with custom lighting options.  

Max Out with Maximalist Color 

Combine colours, patterns, and furniture style with a fun maximalist flair. Incorporate hues like hot pink and nave with traditional neutral tones. Select contemporary furniture of differing styles. Avoid cohesiveness and embrace drama. Look for unique patterns and prints to incorporate into the furniture, accessories, and paintings. Find fun fierce window treatments and colourful photos. Try the power of deep greens, mauve, or even sun yellow.  


No matter the space, it seems that the last couple of years has led most of us to have to create multifunctional spaces in our homes. That includes our living room. Make a tasteful luxury space within your home by combining unique multifunctional contemporary furniture. Speak with our design team about how you can create more functionality in your space.  

Call Iconic Living today. Our experienced design team will help you create the luxury living room you deserve. We look forward to helping you.