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How do you transform your home with contemporary design? This year, embrace a more sophisticated, simple look with gorgeous contemporary furniture, a unique blend of patterns and textures, and open concept design. What are the top trending elements of contemporary interior design for 2022?

1 Sophisticated Choice of Colour

Enjoy making your home warm with subtle simplicity by embracing sophisticated colour design. This year vibrant colours paired with ebony contemporary furniture makes for an exciting vibrant atmosphere. Combine your neutral tones with gorgeous jewel tones like emerald or magenta. Or maybe try a bold cherry red to make a dynamic style statement. 

2 Open Design

With many of us spending a lot more time in our homes, the open design remains a popular way to make a home seem more spacious. You can accomplish this by de-cluttering your home with multifunctional furniture with hidden storage. Knock down a wall, let in natural light, and toss any unnecessary furniture and knick-knacks. Contemporary interior design involves large beautiful picture windows. Seamlessly move from the kitchen to the living room with an open concept. 

3 Smart Custom Lighting

Invest in smart lighting design to truly make your home stand out. With so many incredible options today, you can choose from artistic chandeliers, romantic colourful lighting, or minimalist security lighting. Connect everything to your smartphone to customize your space to your liking. Modernize your home with contemporary lighting. 

4 Bring in Natural Elements

Find various ways to improve the overall look of your home with natural elements like houseplants, natural lighting, and subtle green or blue tones. Use natural wood and organic fibres. Find gorgeous handwoven rugs and add warm wall art depicting nature or global art. Find aesthetic accents that emphasize the outdoors and the simple beauty of the natural world. 

5 Combine Patterns, Textures, and Materials

Experiment with mixing and matching textures. Combine natural woods with industrial metal. Find exciting patterned fabrics to accent neutral tones. Find ways to combine the new and the old, the chic with the antique. Speak with our incredible interior design team to help you discover the perfect combination of styles for your home. 

6 Geometry Rules 

Embrace sleek geometric lines in your furniture and wall art. Strong lines and angular shapes give your home a very sophisticated look. Emphasize the geometry with colour blocks, high ceilings and crisp shapes. 

7 Be Unique

While minimalism remains a timeless classic, liven up your home with unique personal touches. Combine sleek luxurious furniture with vibrant elements like original wall paintings, boldly patterned throw pillows, or exquisite chandeliers. Find ways to add that special focal point to your space. Combine elements in a playful way that brings joy and a smile to your face.

When you want to transform your home into a contemporary oasis, contact our talented interior design team at Iconic Living. Our seasoned professional will guide you through the design process. We have decades of experience helping homeowners rediscover the luxury and beauty of their homes. Contact us today. We would love to help you.