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Be inspired by exciting contemporary inspirations for your child’s room. The furniture in the bedroom can be functional, fun, and trendy. Check out these modern kid’s rooms ideas that are clever and chic. Decorate and organize stylish spaces for your family. Explore these popular ideas and create a unique happy place for your child.  

Include the Kids in Decision Making 

One of the best ways to ensure that your kids will love their room is to include them in the planning process. While you might have to curb some ideas, just have fun with your child’s ideas. Some fun ideas: 

  • Incorporate your child’s favorite sports or superhero in the furniture bedroom theme 
  • Add photos and images from your child’s favorite books and films 
  • Let your kids choose the color scheme 
  • Combine new trendy furniture with classic pieces 
  • Hang your child’s favorite photos of friends and family around the room 

Sit down with some crayons and colored pencils and draw a vision board for your child’s new room! They will love it!  

Functional and Fun 

Today’s modern furniture has both functionality and fun shapes and styles. From zany geometric bookcases to plush seats and bed frames with hidden storage, find exciting contemporary styles that bring happiness to your children.  

The Cozy Corner 

Every child loves having a cozy corner to read books, play with their favorite toys, or chat with friends. Depending on the age of your child, you can set up a reading nook, a window seat with stuffed animals, or a cool video game corner for hours of entertainment. Create a comfortable nook with a bench, comfortable seating, throw pillows or an extra sofa bed. Get creative.  

Creative Shelving Ideas 

Strategic shelving can save space and make a bold fashion statement. Especially for cozier spaces, extra shelving gives an opportunity to display memorable photos and knick-knacks. Store favorite books or figurines. Make sure that the shelving is within your child’s reach. Avoid hanging super heavy shelving over beds and cribs. Younger children might enjoy having low-hanging shelving with their favorite toys.  

Get the Most Out of Your Furniture 

Contemporary furniture has dual functionality. For example, a sofa might double as a bed for a sleepover. Buy furniture that grows with your children. Some tables and seating can transform over time. Dual function pieces like a dresser that doubles as a changing table or chest that also serves as a footrest can save your money in the long run.  

Call Iconic Living Today 

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