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A master bedroom should be a place where you can relax after a long day. It’s also a great space to unwind before bedtime. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a beautiful master bedroom. In fact, there are many affordable ways to spruce up your room. With some creativity and insightful bedroom renovation transform your master bedroom into a space that meets those needs. 

Make Your Bedroom Functional

Take a moment and look at your bedroom layout. Give it a long, long look. Before you start on a master bedroom renovation, think about how you typically use the room. Your bedroom can’t be comfortable if it isn’t functional. In other words, if you are tripping over clutter and a messy nightstand to get to your bed, you won’t be able to enjoy rest. 

One of the first steps to making your master bedroom more functional is to remove clutter. This includes items such as clothing, shoes, books, toys, and other personal belongings. Look at your furniture. Do you have a functional nightstand? Maybe it’s time to finally replace your old bed or replace that bookcase your uncle gave you years ago with a modern minimalist dresser. Consider how you can make your bedroom clutter-free and functional. 

Light Up the Space

Believe it or not, adding a few lamps will add much to the ambiance of your master bedroom. Invest in high-quality floor lamps, smart lamps, or even floor lighting for a new look.

Create a Nightstand Area

Many of us use our nightstands to hold our phones, electronics, medical devices, books, and snacks. That’s a lot of work for a small piece of furniture to do! Start by creating a nightstand area. This will help you organize your things better and give you a place to put your phone, tablet, alarm clock, and other essentials. Replace older outdated nightstands with newer multifunctional ones. Add baskets to hold books and small devices. To add extra space, instead of a small lamp, opt for a standing lamp so you can maximize the space on your nightstand. 

Add Furniture with Hidden Storage Compartments

From ottomans that hide ugly clutter to an armoire that keeps your electronics from uglifying your bedroom, there are many contemporary furniture options that have hidden drawers and compartments to hide away clutter. 

Create a Reading Nook

One way to make your bedroom more enjoyable is to add a comfortable reading nook. Add a small loveseat or sofa with lighting for a wonderful cozy area to enjoy a good book. 

Install a Custom Closet System

If you need additional storage space, consider adding shelves to your bedroom closet. Shelves can be used to store books, clothes, shoes, and other items. They can also provide extra surface area for displaying artwork or photos. Add decorative baskets and mirrors for extra functionality.

You may want to consider adding a walk-in closet when remodelling your bedroom. A walk-in closet offers many opportunities for storage but can provide a private space for dressing. Add a seating area with a lamp to make it more functional. 

For the perfect solutions for all your master bedroom needs, contact our experienced design team at Iconic Living. We pride ourselves on providing impeccable design and high-quality furniture ideal for any budget. Contact us today.