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Finding the right furniture for your home can become overwhelming. What are the most popular contemporary designs at the trendiest furniture stores? From Minimalism to Eco-Style to Nordic aesthetics, discover which style works best for you and your home.   

Urban Interior Design  

Today’s beautiful home designs include both fun and bold colors, unique aesthetics, and color contrast. Combining urban interiors like concrete, exposed brick, or metal with sleek contemporary furniture creates a fantastic look that screams style. Liven up your interior by finding unusual pieces at local furniture stores. Talk with our design team at Iconic Living about how you can make your urban home exciting and uniquely you.  

Loft Comfort  

The urban loft combines various materials like wood and metal with a unique artistic look. Include exposed brick or concrete with a comfortable atmosphere. The space has a catchy, bold look, both functional and luxurious. Mix and match pieces in various bold colors like magenta or bold canary yellow with neutral tones.  


For a simple contemporary style that prioritizes eco-friendly design and quality, try Eco-Style. Combine elements like natural materials, recycled components, and artwork that bring the outdoors into your home. Think luck greenery accents, tones like cool blues or greens, and decor that showcases nature.  

Nordic Design  

The minimalist Scandinavian style has dominated home design for a few years now. Combining white walls, neutral tones, and natural light, the aesthetic brings calm and happiness to owners. Enjoy both comfort and uncomplicated style. Wooden furniture, stone, and natural textures provide excellent accents to any living space.   

Bold Color  

If you want to try something different from Scandinavian design’s simple neutral tones, explore a bold color palette. From rose-colored couches to bright peacock blue cushions to bold geometric modern art, embrace a statement in wild color. In 2022 top color trends include coral, greens, blues, and accents in rose or yellow.   

Call the Iconic Living Design Team Today  

No matter what trend fits your lifestyle, the talented team at Iconic Living can help you find the perfect selection for your home. Please choose from our impressive collection of contemporary designs. We have furniture for every space in your home. Find the right living room, bedroom, or dining room furniture at Iconic Living. Are you trying to create a home office? We have beautiful designs ideal for any multifunctional space. Contact Iconic Living today and find out why we are leaders in home design.