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What top luxury lighting trends will homeowners obsess over in 2022? From Nordic-inspired designs to beautiful artistic wonders, light your dining room, bedroom, or living room sets with the top trending custom lighting options here at Iconic Living. Our seasoned team will help you transform any space into a gorgeous oasis of light and vibrancy. Trust our top designers to work with you. Discover the top trends for this year.  

Dynamic Bulb Arrangements 

Don’t opt for dull unimpressive lighting from a big box store. Instead, treat yourself to the ultimate luxury lighting with exciting shapes and vibrant styles inspired by fine art. These pieces accent any luxury living room set with gorgeous bulbs and sculptural accents.  

Pendant Lights 

Enjoy the versatility of pendant lights throughout your home. Both hanging chandeliers and suspended lights remain classic mainstays of any home. Discover the different designs available in our exclusive Iconic Living collection. 

Our luxury pendant light collection remains one of our most popular options. From organic designs to eclectic pieces that truly stand out, make a bold artistic statement with our gorgeous pendant options. We have a wide variety: 

  • Astra Pendant 
  • Atom Pendant Styles 
  • Lanister Pendants 
  • Bella Pendant 
  • Crystal Pendants 
  • Niklas Pendants 
  • Declan Pendants 
  • The Galaxy Pendants 
  • And so many more styles 

Call us today to set up your personal appointment. We will find the right lighting option for your home. Talk with our designers for the best pendant options for your home. We work with every homeowner and have a variety of pricepoints for your budget. 

Bold Color 

Don’t just opt for soft whites and yellows. Instead, go bold with color. Today’s creative contemporary homeowner adds splashes of color to each space. Enjoy blue lights in the dining room or exciting bold colors in the entertainment space.  

Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting has a timeless quality. They offer both versatility and flexibility. Choose different colors and styles to match your personal tastes and lifestyle needs. Change them out as often as you need to. When trends change, quickly update the lights.  

When you need the right luxury lighting for your home, don’t hesitate to call Iconic Living. We have a talented design team ready to work with you. We value each client. Set up your appointment today or just visit us. We value your health and take the proper safety precautions. Visit Iconic Living today.