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Are you tired of working from the kitchen table? Admit it, many of us will be spending a lot more time working remotely moving forward. And it’s time to really consider creating a home office space. From finding the right modern home office furniture to considering where to place your office space, you have a lot to consider. What questions should you ask when designing the ideal workspace?  

1 Where Do I Work?  

Where will you put your office space? If you have a spacious home that can accommodate a complete modern home office furniture set, then you can easily set up a comfortable space. Most of us, however, might have to make do with a small space like a closet or nook in the living room.  

Consider a few factors like lighting, traffic, and desk space. For example, if you have a large closet that will fit your new office desk but it’s depressingly dark, you might want to opt for the brighter corner in the kitchen. Also, consider traffic. You wouldn’t want to work where your children play all day or right by the front door if you expect family members to be coming in and out all day.  

2 Where Do I Plug-In?  

Think about access to electrical outlets as well. Why? If you just have a laptop then you probably can work anywhere within a few feet of an electrical socket. However, if you need electronic devices then you need to have a safe lighting situation for all the devices.  

For example, if you conduct video conferencing training, you might need electricity for lighting, a microphone, and your computer. If you have dated sockets, have an electrician look at them to make sure that they can handle the different devices. Also, look at the office furniture you choose. Some will accommodate multiple electrical devices, hide the ugly wiring, or are ideal for video conferencing.  

3 Where Do I Store Everything?  

Always opt for office furniture that helps you organize your clutter. Why? Even a large spacious home office will look like a messy wreck if you don’t have sensible storage options. You need to find a place to store electronics, paperwork, and office supplies.  

But where to start? When you are designing your home office, call our professional design team at Iconic Living. We will help you find the right storage solutions and office furniture for your new home office. We have an impressive exclusive collection of modern office furniture ideal for every home office situation.  

4 What Type of Chair Should I Buy?  

As important as which desk to buy, you need to choose the right office chair. Why? A modern ergonomic office chair will improve your overall back health and well-being. If you opt for the wrong chair, you can end up with a painful back and neck. Additionally, your chair and desk should be set up so you have the best posture when typing. You want to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome during work. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to choose. At Iconic Living, we will help you find the right furniture for your needs.  

Call Iconic Living today for your initial consultation. We will be more than happy to help you find the perfect home office solutions. Contact us.