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How livable is your living room? Is it cozy? Is it welcoming? Do you actually want to spend time in it?

If not, then your living room is just an empty, impersonal, large space in your home. Rest assured though, these modern decorating ideas will inspire you to totally revamp that sad room you don’t really live in.

1. Plush Furniture Layered With Cozy Fabrics

What’s the first thing you gravitate to in a warm and welcome living space?

The most likely answer is comfortable seating. Your living room is just an empty shell without plush, softly-textured loveseats, sofas, and chairs.

For a more industrial or masculine look, opt for buttery-soft leather sofas. However, if you want a more lived-in atmosphere, choose a trendy yet subtle texture, such as velvet or satin.

2. Warm Colors Against a Neutral Backdrop

Now that your seating is cozy, it’s time for you to concentrate on creating a visually welcoming environment.

In order to pull this off successfully, study the psychology of color. Experts say that colors greatly influence people’s moods.

For a warm, cozy look, try a contrast of bright, warm colors against a neutral background. Calming backgrounds, such as blue, make for a warm base color in a medium-sized living room.

If you are an art enthusiast, choose to decorate your living room with your favorite pieces of fine art. Opt for trendy, chic pieces that are either bold and bright, or neutral and slight.

If you do not collect art, play around with some compelling color schemes using wallpaper, paint, or paneling along with your furniture. Paint your walls a minimalist shade of blue, for instance, and opt for a slightly bolder shade for your seating.

If you struggle to create the perfect color contrast to make your living room look like the heart of your home that it should be, consider exploring what a professional design service can do for you.

3. A Welcoming Focal Point

Once you figure out the visual decor of your living room, what will you choose as its center point?

Leaving your living space open and airy will defeat the purpose of a cozy environment. For a more intimate look, choose a focal point around which to arrange all of your furniture.

For instance, if your living room has a fire place, this is the natural focal point. Arrange your furniture around it to create a lovely space for good conversation among friends. Fireplaces have evolved greatly over the years, but they always present an intimate and welcoming ambience.

Ready to Create Your Cozy Living Room With These Modern Decorating Ideas?

Your living room deserves to be the most popular hangout spot in your home. What can you do to transform it?

If any of the above modern decorating ideas resonate with you, start planning your new living room today. Contact us to learn how we can help you redecorate. From chic custom furniture to comprehensive design services, we have all that you need to redesign your living space.